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Something On My Mind

I know I promised not to post anything on here until I got my shit together, but some things have been bugging me.

Like how I had starting this blog to trace why I am the person I am today and what I am going/trying to do to be a better person. And how this has been misinterpreted by others as being passive-aggressive to other people and how I somehow managed to come across as victimizing myself in the process.

Like how a former friend who thought they were telling me all the things that are apparently were wrong with me was actually pointing out stuff they were doing and who then proceeded to tell me that I was going around in circles and repeating stuff to them because they wouldn’t open their eyes and realize they were doing the same thing (or actually having the flaw themselves and trying to tell me it was my flaw and not theirs). Seriously, if you’re going to have a go at someone over their flaws and they point out that you’re doing the same thing as them or even pointing out that it is YOUR flaw and not THEIRS, don’t get angry or frustrated at them. What did you expect to happen when you start doing something like that? The other person to act happy and be like, ‘Okay, thanks for telling me that. I’ll stop doing that’ in a grateful and appreciative tone and give you a pat on the back for pointing it out? Don’t ask someone to change something about them if you don’t want to be told you’re doing the same thing/s and if you don’t want to change said thing/s.

I am going to sign off. I will be continuing to focus on making myself a better person. Hope you are all well.



The Most Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes That Writers Usually Make

Some great advice. Thanks for the post!

Kobo Writing Life

By Gloria Kopp

In today’s marketplace, getting your work out there is often considered more crucial than checking it for errors first. As good as it feels to be the first with a new story, though, it’s embarrassing when readers pick up on the mistakes you made in your haste to get published. Here’s the most common errors writers make when proofreading and editing, and how to avoid them.

Getting too familiar with the content

Have you actually read over your writing and decided it looks fine, only to spot a glaring error once it’s gone live? It’s thanks to your brain filling in the gaps in your writing without you knowing it. For example, if you write the word ‘liaise’ but actually mistype it as ‘liase’, your brain will fill in the missing ‘i’ for you, meaning you miss the spelling error.

The best way around this is to make…

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Quote Quota

Found the image on someone else’s site and thought I’d share a screenshot of it (I have yet to learn how to reblog things on an iPad). 

Strange Inspirations

I first started listening to Mötley Crüe when I was about 18 or 19 after finding out about them on Tumblr from people I was following. It didn’t take me very long to get into their music. Within about a year, I had all their albums from the 80’s, had gone to their 2011 concert and read their memoir The Dirt several times (and no I didn’t attend one of their concerts on their The Final Tour due to a number of reasons. I don’t regret it as having seen them once was pretty good. At least I can say that I saw them live).

Not long after that, I bought Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries which was another eye opener about drug abuse and drug addiction (I had read Slash’s memoir and Anthony Kiedis’s Scar Tissue several years before reading The Dirt and The Heroin Diaries). My mum bought me This Is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx for my 20th birthday and not long after that I had bought the Sixx:A.M. soundtracks for the two books.

Nikki Sixx has become a sort of strange inspiration to me. I’ve never been addicted to alcohol or drugs or anything else that can cause destruction in my life. I think it was because he had a shitty childhood and was a bit of a loner when he was younger. And I think it was because he had hit rock bottom after years of substance abuse and crawled his way back to the top and turned his life around. I think it’s because he strives to lead a better life and to become a better person. And I think it’s because he’s been so honest about it all in hopes to help others get their lives around and be better people.

That is inspirational for me – going from rock bottom after being in a destructive lifestyle for so long and crawling back out of it to be a better person and to have a better life. And sharing your story so others can have hope of getting themselves out of similar situations.

After television, the philosophy: Three Zen Challenges for Writers

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EJB Writing Studio

Erin J. Bernard Grand Canyon erinjbernard.net ejbwritingstudio.com EJB Writing Studio

What is it with writers and Zen Buddhism?

In the fusty ’50s, Beats like Alan Ginsberg and Gary Snyder challenged the status quo by refashioning themselves as blissed out Dharma Bums who’d snubbed conspicuous consumption and the yoke of routine in order to experience the present more deeply and more profoundly.

Contemporary novelist Ruth Ozeki, who moonlights as a Zen Buddhist priest, has unabashedly described writing as a form of prayer, a way of connecting with the expansive and sometimes baffling world beyond one’s head.

Why the abiding Zen lovefest among literary types? For starters, these folks have correctly guessed that a spare, playful approach to the craft of writing serves any writer immensely well.

But it sure ain’t easy being spare. We all know. We’ve all tried. It’s the perennial writer’s lamentation: If only I weren’t so distracted! Then, I could make more space in my life to…

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Some Things Blogging Has Taught Me

I have been blogging consistently for over a year now. I never imagined that I could possibly be able to blog about anything for this long. That is a feat in itself.


In that time, I have learnt a few things (surprise, surprise!). These things are either about me or about blogging and/pr writing or about other people and about other situations/circumstances/topics. For that, I am grateful.

Some of the things that I’ve learnt is that not everyone is good at being social towards other people. I was surprised to find that there are people out there besides from me who are or were not good at talking to people or being constantly nice to people and have since learnt (or are still learning) how to do that well. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only socially inept person out there and it’s been nice to meet people who are encouraging and supportive towards me learning how to speak to people better and to be a better person overall. Blogging about it has helped a lot with it, too.

I’ve actually learnt more about blogging and writing by just doing that – blogging and writing. I’m starting to be a little more disciplined and critical of my writing through maintaining a blog. I’ve read posts from people who write for a living either as a freelance writer, an employed writer, a published author or about to be published author. These posts usually are about how each person writes and what their schedule is like when it comes to writing. All I can say is that dedication these writers have to their writing is inspiring and motivating. I have read posts from people who talk about their passion for writing and their passion is so obvious it’s very nearly contagious and catching. This has made me want to write more and to write well (or at least better than what I have done previously).

I'm not sure who said this quote, but it's great!

I have come across blogs where people have written about their life experiences in hopes to educate and to inform others about certain topics and situations and to create awareness for them. Some of these topics are quite hard to write about and I cannot express how much I applaud these people for writing about it in such a public way. I really do hope that by doing this, it is helping these people to heal somewhat and to be able to move on in any possible way. I also really do hope that by telling their stories, that they are able to help others in similar situations.

Blogging has been a bit of a journey. I hope I ca continue to blog and learn and grow, both as a person and as a blogger and writer. I am so glad that I decided to make a blog and ended up with one that I enjoying blogging on and writing posts for. I’m also glad that I’ve continued blogging, even if I didn’t think I would be very good at blogging nor did I think anyone else would ever read what I have blogged about.

Happy blogging everyone!

Overcoming First Draft Fear

Well said! I enjoyed reading your post 🙂

Cats and Chocolate

Whilst I write this first draft, I feel old doubts and fears surfacing. The ones that make you want to delete everything or give it up, never write again. There are many fears that push at you, telling you that your writing is not good enough – why did you think you could do this again?


‘Writer’s Block’: Photography by Rachel Baran.

And when you read back over your first efforts, you can already see what sort of work you will need to do to make it shine. The amount of work is another thing to be scared of, that makes you think that perhaps you’re just not cut out for this sort of thing. 

‘Not beginning protects you from the disappointment – no, shame – of reading what you have written and finding it rubbish. It also prevents you from an equally disturbing possibility: discovering that you can…

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To-Do List

It’s not really a to-do list. It’s something that I really need to do and it’s to start exercising. I need to lose weight and get fit. I might even have to join a gym (there’s a couple near where I work that might come in handy). I need to do something to lose the weight I’ve put on. I’ve put on weight since I started working at the aged care facility. I think it’s more to do with the shift work that I’ve been doing (I’ve been doing a combination of night, day and evening shifts). And the fact that I haven’t really been eating all that well or drinking enough water either.

I need to get more motivation to do the exercise.


What a great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

The Better Man Project ™

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.26.10 PM

I didn’t expect this to happen when I first started this. I didn’t expect to be sitting here writing you a thousand posts later. I didn’t anticipate what would happen to my life. I didn’t know that I would become an integral life coach. I didn’t predict the audience that would gather around this idea nor see that I would take all of my experience over the past 5 years and begin to create something that would touch many more lives. I couldn’t have told you that I would have these amazing people in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to utter a word about the depth of the feelings I have been able to tap into. Could I have told you that people would start knowing me by the “guy who writes?” No, that would never have been in the forefront of my mind.

The only thing I…

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