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Friends Forever?

So it looks like I might be adding another person to the people I know who used to be friends with me because they don’t like me anymore as I’m too much work and not a good enough friend category. 

I had messaged this ‘friend’ about a rental as last I heard, she and her boyfriend were looking at getting their own place as they were in shared accommodation. They were pretty much like “why are you telling me this? We’ve been renting our own place for months now”. I replied that I wasn’t aware of that and that I felt a little out of the loop. Their reply? I wouldn’t have felt out of the loop if I tried to keep in touch with them. 

It went on with them telling me they tried really hard at the friendship and that I didn’t and wasn’t interested and was blowing them off as I barely talked to them and hardly saw them. They got annoyed when I asked if they weren’t in a good mood because we didn’t speak so often because of things popping up in our lives. 

There’s another person who I used to be somewhat close to who now doesn’t want anything to do with me. I feel so down about myself. Why do I end up becoming friends with people and then fail at being a good friend and maintaining the friendship? Maybe I don’t deserve having friends?

Unsure Feelings

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

In the last few months, I’ve been deleted off the Facebook friends list of three people with whom I thought I got along well enough with for that not to happen. Apparently not.

I have sent a message to two of these people asking if I had done something to offend them and got no reply. These two people I used to go to school with and thought we got along well enough as acquaintances¬†to be Facebook friends at least. Obviously they feel like I don’t deserve to get to know them any more than what I did. I don’t blame them. I haven'[t seen either of them since uni and I’ve moved from the town where I met them five years ago.

The other has ignored the friend request I had sent through. I know this one is fussy about who they talk to and associate with. The worst thing about this person is that my other half knows them and knew them before meeting me. I am fairly sure I have either said or done something to upset them or they think I am too friendly with someone that she no longer talks to.

I find the third person a little more concerning due to the difficulties I’ve had in the past four years in regards to talking to people. That is why I think I must have said or done something to upset this person.

I know I shouldn’t be worried about people deleting me off their Facebook pages, but still, it makes me feel bad.