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The Most Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes That Writers Usually Make

Some great advice. Thanks for the post!

Kobo Writing Life

By Gloria Kopp

In today’s marketplace, getting your work out there is often considered more crucial than checking it for errors first. As good as it feels to be the first with a new story, though, it’s embarrassing when readers pick up on the mistakes you made in your haste to get published. Here’s the most common errors writers make when proofreading and editing, and how to avoid them.

Getting too familiar with the content

Have you actually read over your writing and decided it looks fine, only to spot a glaring error once it’s gone live? It’s thanks to your brain filling in the gaps in your writing without you knowing it. For example, if you write the word ‘liaise’ but actually mistype it as ‘liase’, your brain will fill in the missing ‘i’ for you, meaning you miss the spelling error.

The best way around this is to make…

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Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story—Structure Part One

Great advice for writers at all levels to remember when writing/editing their work. Thanks for the post Kristen 🙂

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Structure Matters Structure Matters

Writers must understand structure if they hope to be successful. Yes, it might take five years to finish the first novel, but if we land a three book deal, we don’t have 15 years to turn in our books. Also, in the new paradigm of publishing, writers who produce more content have greater odds of making money at this writing thing.

Understanding structure helps us become faster, cleaner, better writers. Structure is essential to all stories, from screenplays to novels to epic space operas.

Plotters tend to do better with structure, but even pantsers (those writers who write by the seat of their pants) NEED to understand structure or revisions will be HELL. Structure is one of those boring topics like finance or taxes. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as creating characters or reading about ways to unleash our creative energy.

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I’ve run my 20 page Death Star Critique…

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I’ve gone back to edit one of the stories that I’m writing and had finished the draft I had been working one. I’m going through it with a red pen (I really don’t know why I have red pens at the moment – I think they were leftover red pens from high school. I guess it’s good that there’s less than six of them). I guess I’m about halfway through the draft. I’m surprised at how good the writing is so far considering it’s only a draft and that I think my writing isn’t the greatest at the best of times. I think the last third isn’t going to be as good as the rest of it, but I’ll look at that when I get to it 🙂

Yes, I also have trusty Post-It notes too if I need to make a quick note or quick reference. They’re also quite handy alongside red pens when editing. Anyway, I should probably get back to editing it 🙂