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Signs of Breast Cancer

I just read an article about a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and the only sign she had was a dimple on the underside of her boob.

Yes, you read correctly.

A dimple on your boob can be a sign of breast cancer.

It is important to check your boobs regularly (for men as well as women. Just because you are a man does not mean you are exempt from having breast cancer – you guys have breasts too). It is important to go see a doctor if anything changes in your boobs – if the skin changes around your boobs and armpits, if there are dimples anywhere, if your nipples change and/or leak or if there is any rashes.

The earlier cancer is detected the better your chances are of beating it. I am speaking on behalf of the people I know (most of whom I am related to) who have battled cancer. Some have had cancer detected early and beat it while others didn’t know until it was too late and some were diagnosed, had treatment and didn’t make it because the treatment wasn’t successful.

Please check your boobs and anywhere else for signs!

* N.B. If you want to follow the woman mentioned earlier in the post, her twitter account is ‘My Left Boob’ (https://twitter.com/OfNoSpecialType).