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Feeling Really And Completely Useless

The manager at my aged care job spoke to me today. Apparently they had received some complaints from a couple of my co-workers and a resident about me being gruff and dictatorial/bossy. I was wondering when that was going to happen. I was wondering if I was going to stuff up and how long it was going to take before anything happened.

I have figured out about two or three co-workers who could and/or would have said something but I still can’t figure out which resident it was. I feel pretty shit about it as I thought I was doing better there than at the place I volunteer at.

On the bright side, at least the manager was nicer about it than the manager at the venue I volunteer at. They suggested that I take a gentler approach to things. I am pretty grateful that they decided to deal with it in an informal manner than doing it in a formal way. I really do want to keep this job so I’m going to have to be really careful about how I approach the residents and my co-workers.


New Job Nervousness

I’m a little nervous about this new job that I managed to get. I’m not sure if I want to work two jobs. I’m not sure if I have enough time to work two jobs and do the housework as well as helping the other half with things. I’m not sure if it’s going to work out having two jobs.

I mean, it sounds like similar work to what I’m doing now but I’m not going to get paid as much as I do at the job I have now (mainly because it’s permanent part time and not casual). But they’re in two different settings and will have different situation and circumstances.

I’ll give it a go and see if it works out. There are plenty of people out there who work two or three jobs.

Busy, Busy, Busy

So my unemployment benefits have now been cancelled because I have been earning too much in the last three months. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while. It was pretty silly that social security and my new employment agency wanted me to jump through hoops for money I wasn’t getting.

My new employment agency wanted me to look for ten jobs a fortnight and wanted me to get fifty hours of work a fortnight from my employer so I didn’t have to make up the hours volunteering at a not-for-profit organization. So it make it look like I was actually doing that, I applied for a couple of aged care positions. One was for a nursing agency in a town over an hour away (which I really didn’t want to do as my car was playing up then) and for a permanent part-time position at a carer agency which do home visits and home care in the client’s own home. I was asked to attend an interview for both. I couldn’t go to the first offer as the car was playing up. I went to the second one as it’s in the town that I live in. Apparently the interview went well enough that they offered me a job. So it looks like I’ll have two jobs as well as helping out with a hospitality venue on weekends. I’m going to be very busy by the looks of it.

And I also switched mobile phone services. The previous one didn’t provide much reception in my house. I had to stand in one part of the house to get enough service to make and receive calls. The other service that I’m now with, I have at least one or two bars of service anywhere in the house so far. At least now I won’t miss calls from work asking me to come in if I’m able to because I don’t have any phone reception.

The Joys of Unemployment Benefits

I’ve been assigned to another employment agency as the one I was with had lost their government contract and is now closed. I still have to look for work (as in full-time work) despite the fact that I’m casually employed. I also have to see if I can get 50 hours of work each fortnight to avoid doing volunteer work to make up the extra hours.

I’m going to have to talk to my manager next week when they come back from leave about it or doing more study (like getting the med competency qualifications so I can do medications). That will be easier than trying to fit volunteer work around casual employment.

Figuring It Out

I’m trying to figure it out
I’m trying to get past
The grumpiness and the sullen attitude
And the dislike coming from you

I’m trying to be
The nicest person I can be
And I’m trying my best
To do everything right

But it’s hard
Getting past all those walls
Knowing roughly why you’re doing it
And watching you being so nice to others

I know you don’t care how I feel
Or that I’m still new to this
And trying to learn lots at once
I hope one day I get through

Things to Remember

I have to remember to do my best to the best of my ability.

I have to remember that I can’t please everyone and that I can’t get along with everyone.

I have to remember that not everyone knows how much knowledge and experience that I have. I have to remember that not everyone knows that this is my first job in the industry.

I have to remember not to take things to hear in regards to what residents say. They have a lot of things to deal with, such as past experiences and medical conditions. I have to remember that they may and will get frustrated over these things and the fact that they’re getting older and aren’t able to do things that they used to be able to do. I don’t always have the answers or the skills or the qualifications to help the residents and I have to remember not to get down when they call me useless for not being able to mind read or know how they like things done or not being able to help them or not being able to provide them with the answers that they want to hear.

I have to remember that not everyone is nice and that some people think they know better.

I have to remember that the residents are not all nice old people and that some are whiny or grumpy and surly.

A Simple Smile

I went to a resident’s room to check up on them as they had buzzed for someone to come to their room. They require hearing aids as their hearing is limited, but I spoke to them anyway. I gave them a bright smile and a wave, which they responded to with a smile of their own. I used body language as well as talking to communicate with the resident. I got the sweetest thank you in response after tucking the resident back into bed.

Treating someone with kindness and a smile is so important in aged care. The trainer I had for my course was very big on treating people with respect and dignity and kindness. They are people. Just because they are in an aged care facility does not make them any less of a person and does not mean that they should be treated less than a person.

The smile and the thank you that I got back from this person was so good, especially since I wasn’t sure if they were all right having a new person working in the facility. It seems like they are warming up :).

Sleeping Patterns

Going to sleep tonight is going to be fun. I just did a night shift last night and the night before. It felt so strange sleeping in the middle of the day to about mid-afternoon. I don’t know how well I’m going to fall asleep tonight knowing that I have to get up at 5am for a 7am start in the morning.

Luckily it’s only a three and a half hour shift and I won’t be staying up late tomorrow night.

End of Life

In the last twenty four hours, I have been thinking a little about end of life plans.

Some people make their own end of life plans when they are of sound mind and before anything bad happens to them, like a terminal illness such as cancer or dementia. Others do not do that for whatever reason. Some leave it up to their families to decide how they are to be cared for.

Some families are not always prepared for this end of life scenario. Some are optimistic and hope for the best. Others think that their loved one will not deteriorate as quickly and it will take far longer than what happens. Some people deteriorate quicker than others while there are people who will not deteriorate for a while.

I am tossing up making my own end of life plans. I don’t know what the future will hold for me so I can’t make precise plans. I do not know if I will get cancer or if I will get dementia or if I will have a stroke. I don’t know how prepared my family will be for the worst. I know there are immediate family members who don’t really know me that well (they think they know me better than what they do). I know that there will be arguments over what needs to be done. I guess I could make plans and then adjust them as time goes on.

The Second Day of Work

I am going to be as brief as possible when I’m blogging about my aged care course. As a PCA, I am obliged to uphold confidentiality of residents and adhere to the Privacy Act and all the other Acts associated with aged care. Part of my employee handbook also states I am not supposed to blog or post anything on social media about the company unless specifically said so by the company. I have to be as careful as possible with what I post as this could give them grounds to terminate their contract with me.

Other than that, I am doing all right. One of the residents was a bit restless and I think that they may have been trying to give me a bit of a hard time as I am a new staff member and one who hasn’t had a lot of experience in the industry. It is far more relaxing than where I did my placement and I’ll be able to grow and gain more experience and confidence due to it being a relaxing environment.