What I’m Currently Reading 

I’m reading the last book of the Pretty Little Liars book series. I started reading the books after watching a couple of the TV show seasons as I wanted to see how different the books and the TV were (and to find out who was A and who was part of the A Team).

Originally, there was only meant to be eight books in the series but Sara Shepard, the author, decided to write eight more because of how popular the first lot of books and the TV show were and because of the fans who are dedicated to the books and show.

Books 9-12 were enjoyable to read considering there wasn’t supposed to be more books. However, I am not enjoying books 13-16 as much. I really enjoy seeing what Ali and the A team come up with in regards to getting revenge on the PLL girls, but the story line for the last four books have left me feeling like it’s been dragged out a bit and isn’t as strong as the other books. Only reasons I’m reading the last book are I hate not finishing a series that started out well and I really want to know what happens to Ali and who else has been helping her.


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