My partner took over an accommodation business a few months ago. The accommodation is very bush camping with hotel all mixed in together. 

We’ve received a few mixed-to-negative reviews on a booking site (not our own website). I know I shouldn’t be down over them as most of the reviews were about not having enough hot water (we have small hot water cylinders). One of the reviews stated that the ‘girl from the reception desk’ seemed put out for helping patrons amongst other things (this person complained about the hot water, the pillows being flat, the taps and the entrance not being clear enough). Said girl from this review was me. 

I admit it had been raining that night and I was worried that it was going to start raining when I was showing them their room. But I was not put out by them in any way. It just makes me feel like I am not good at being cheerful and chirpy and friendly every time I have to deal with someone. 

It’s a pity that people are picky. 


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