Submitting your manuscript to the big Aussie publishers

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While I decided a few months ago that I would be self-publishing my work, I feel like it’s a compulsory #riteofpassage to submit your novel to one of the big publishing houses that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

I’ve researched enough to accept the reality that I have zero to no chance of being picked from the slush pile of a big publisher, let alone a smaller press. Doomsday articles aside, if we don’t try we’ll always wonder and you never know, you might be that puny 1% that does get their unagented, unsolicited manuscript published!

For example, Katherine Brabon recently won the Vogel’s Literary Award and is getting published by Allen & Unwin. She never even wanted to be a fiction writer and only wrote one short story before writing her first novel. Imagine if it could be that easy for all of us…

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