Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

My mother in law, my daughter and I went to see the Marilyn Monroe art exhibition today and all I can say is – OH. MY. GOD!

It was brilliant and amazing. There were some of her personal possessions, such as a luggage trunk, some childhood photographs, perfume and make up pieces that she had used and a few pieces of her clothing that she wore in her personal life, on the red carpet, in photographs or in some of the movies she was in.

I couldn’t get over how tiny the clothes were. I had to Google to find out what size she was. Back in the day (the 1950’s), she was considered a 12-16. But by today’s (Australian sizing) standards, she was a possibly 4-10 (depending on brands). And she would have had to have her clothes custom made like she did when she was alive as, not only did she have an hourglass figure, but she was a 34D in bra size and had a 35 inch bust, a 22 inch waist and 35 inch hips. And clothes these days (and apparently back then) don’t cater for a figure with those measurements. And she was a very similar size to models these days (who are 34-24-34) but a lot shorter (she was only 1.66 metres tall which is about my height).

I wasn’t expecting her to be so small. She’s such a big figure in our culture and I was expecting her to be physically bigger than what she was. I was expecting her to be taller and bigger around the hips and the boobs (her boobs were around the size I was expecting them to be anyway).

Overall, it was a pretty good exhibition and I really recommend it for people to see.


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