Some Great News

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve just been a bit busy lately.

I ended up giving birth over the Easter weekend to a little girl. I had to be induced as the placenta levels were low and the doctors were worried about the baby staying in there over the 40 week mark. So they decided the best option was inducing labour. They got me to come in the Thursday before Good Friday to start the induction and they were going to continue the induction the next day. The doctors were waiting for a theater to be open before breaking my waters but as it Good Friday was a public holiday, the only theaters open were the emergency ones which got filled up with emergency walk ins. The doctor decided to put me and three other people off to the next day when there were more theaters open.

It took twelve hours of labour before I gave birth. It ended up being a forceps delivery as I had an epidural and she wasn’t coming out even though I was pushing well (according to the doctor). A few hours later, I ended up having a post-partum hemorrhage and lost 900ml of blood. I had to have a blood test the next morning to find out what my levels were and ended up having a transfusion of two units of blood that afternoon.

And then my daughter had a few problems, some due to her forceps delivery. She had a sore head (of course), had a tongue tie, a high bubble pallet and now has torticollis. All of which has lead to her not being able to latch and suck on the breast properly so I now have to express breast milk as much as possible and have her on formula as well since I am not producing enough breast milk.

All in all,it wasn’t too bad and I am enjoying being a mother (so far haha).


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