On A Brighter Note

I had the car booked in for a service today at a new mechanic. The service was cheaper than the last place I had the car serviced at. The mechanic had also changed the two back tyres and the front brakes as they needed replacing as well as a new air filter. It worked out cheaper than what I was expecting it to be.

I had gotten onto the mechanic through a friend who had taken their car there to be fixed as they were having a few troubles with their car. She highly recommended the mechanic so I decided to see how they went with my car. My other half came in with me when we went to pick the car up and it turns out that the guy who runs the mechanic shop has been to my other half’s business and recognized him when we walked in. He was impressed to hear that we heard about the place from someone else who said what a good job he had done. We’re going to go back to him when it gets colder as one of the sensors in the car was playing up last winter and the dealership we bought the car from and the Holden dealership couldn’t figure out why. The mechanic seemed to be very switched on about what may be the problem. He seemed to be a lot more switched on than the Holden dealership did and our car is a Holden. Maybe it’s just the Holden dealership in the town we live in that doesn’t seem to know much about the cars they sell.

I will definitely be going back to the mechanic for more car repairs and servicing.


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