What I’m Currently Reading

I actually finished reading this book a while ago. It was one of the many books that have been stashed away in my handbag for reading when I was waiting for appointments or been out to lunch by myself when I’ve been running errands.

The book in question is Skeleton Crew by Stephen King. It is one of his collections of short stories that he has put together to be published as one book.

I enjoy reading Stephen King’s short stories as much as I enjoy reading his novels. I like the fact that he writes the short stories in between writing his novels and that he continues to hone his writing skills between the writing and editing and rewriting of the longer stories. I like the fact that he continues to write short stories even after he is making money on full length novels now and not have to scrape by on the short stories he would send into magazines to help keep his family afloat. I like the fact that you don’t always have to know what story is coming up next and where it would lead you.

I would definitely recommend reading the Stephen King short stories that are available.

skeleton crew


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