What A Waste of Time

It’s a waste of time me learning how to be super nice to people. I shouldn’t even bother, really.

I found out from the employer of the place that I volunteer at that a regular customer told them that I was too cold and not nice to them whenever I served them. The customer is not going to come to the venue as often all because of me. The employer had a go at me over it. They’re really disappointed that I still haven’t learned how to be nice to people.

Basically, they need me to help them with the business and the new one they just took on. At least until they get into a better position where they can afford to have other and far better staff than me.

I don’t think that I can help them out. I seem to be scaring people away faster than what the employer can attract them. I told them that I shouldn’t be there working at all. They turned around and said that they are trying to minimize my time there but that they still need me there.

It feels like I’m way too detrimental than an actual help there. I really shouldn’t be there but now I’m starting to feel trapped. It feels like I’m not good at anything and that I’m not supposed to be there.

And one of the worst parts is I have no one to talk about it. I can’t talk to the coworkers there at the venue because I have a feeling they won’t listen or believe my side of things. I can’t talk to anyone where I work because I don’t want them to know that I have these issues and I don’t want to lose my job over it as I enjoy working there. I don’t have any friends that could sit there and listen and help me with any of it either.


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