So it looks like the other half and I are moving soon – sooner than what I kind of expected. We are going to take over an accommodation business next to the other half’s business. Which means we will be moving into a one bedroom caretaker’s office until the back veranda has been turned into a room or two. It would also mean we won’t be paying rent for a little while which also means we’ll be able to catch up on some of our other bills that have accumulated over the last couple of years.

I am a little dubious about moving into the caretaker’s office as we’ve got a baby on the way (I’ll be twelve weeks along on Saturday :D), we won’t have much room (we’ve lived there before and there was barely enough room for two of us, let alone with a baby in there too) and I’m not so keen about having three jobs even if two of them are kind of interrelated. I think it’s going to be hard catching up on sleep after night shift if there’s people coming to the caretaker’s office to check in or check out of their rooms and be expected to help out with my other half’s business as well. I fear it’s going to be worse when there’s a newborn baby added to the mix and getting even less sleep because of them on top of it.

And we’ll have to start from scratch again to get the other business up and running enough so it’s running at full capacity and we’ll be making enough money to cover our bills and to pay off our debts. I don’t know how long it is going to take us to get to that point where we can pay for someone to be caretaker and we can move into our own home away from it all so we can spend some time away from work.

But we need to do this in order to get ahead, even if I have some reservations about it.


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