Stuffed Up Yet Again Part 2

In my previous post Stuffed Up Yet Again, I wrote about my disappointment about not being nice to a customer and not being able to learn how to be nice to people all the time.

There is more to that story than what I had written.

The customer had complimented me on a bag that I’ve had for three years and they’ve already said something about it already. I had *snapped* that I had had the bag for three years. The employer was angry and upset because I had snapped. They wanted me to apologize to the customer as soon as possible.

The customer had shown up again a couple of days later and I apologized to them over the incident. They basically told me that they weren’t offended because they had forgotten that I’ve had the bag for a while and had said something about it. They also said that the employer was upset about it, not them.

I felt a little better even though I know I shouldn’t have snapped. I should have came up with a better reply than what I had.

It seems that the employer took things more to heart than the customer, mainly because I still haven’t learned how to talk to people properly.


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