It looks like the other half and I will be moving again soon. We used to be caretakers of a nearby accommodation and we had moved to our own place about eighteen months ago because it got a little too much for us as we never stopped working. The other half runs his own business and we were being caretakers so there was no break as people were checking in or checking out and returning keys at all hours of the day and night.

But in a matter of time, we will be back doing it as it looks like we will be taking it over next year when current lease ends. I hope I can do okay with it all with one job already. I’ll be helping out with the other half’s business as well as helping with the accommodation side of things. Looks like I might have to quit the other job as I’ve picked up more shifts from the one I already have.

Basically, we need to start saving a bit of money for a while until we can get back onto our feet and be able to afford our own place again. We can do that if we can live somewhere rent free for a few months. With the extra shifts I’ve picked up and without the rent, I’ll be able to help pay off the car more than what I have been able to, which leaves the other half with more money for his business.

The other half has been given some advice which would probably also help us in the long run with getting back onto our feet financially. I really hope it all works out for us.

It looks like I need to start buying more plastic boxes for all the books I’ve accumulated since we last moved.


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