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I just finished reading Blood Line by Lynda La Plante today. I also read the next book in the series, Backlash, a few weeks ago (I didn’t realize it was a series until the end of Backlash and I didn’t know it was written after Blood Line was).

It was the first time I had read any of Lynda La Plante books. I found the books very average and most of the writing was lazy. It was like La Plante felt like she had to spell everything out for the reader instead of investing more time in writing a really good story.

I found that Blood Line had more suspense than Backlash did. I didn’t like all the different character point of view in a single chapter. I think it would have worked better having the point of view of a character as it’s own chapter instead of being broken up in different paragraphs in a single chapter.

Overall, the plot could have been better if it hadn’t been let down by underdeveloped characters, too many point of view changes in some chapters and average to lazy writing.




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