A Kind of Eventful Day

So yesterday, my new phone came in the mail (well, not so new second hand phone). I went into the store of the mobile provider I’m with to get a new SIM card for the phone and to transfer my number across to it. I had to go buy a new SIM card from somewhere else because apparently the store didn’t stock the one I needed as I’m prepaid and not on a plan and had just recently stocked up on credit. I ended up buying the wrong SIM card which I didn’t know until after I made a call to someone else from the company to transfer my number to the new SIM card. The guy I was speaking to found the right one and I made another call to someone else to transfer the number. Apparently they couldn’t cancel the process and told me to wait twenty minutes to call back and try again, which I did and to which I got told it was going to take three or four hours to take and apparently I’m going to get a text message when it’s done (and I have no service at the moment). I’m thinking of probably going to another mobile phone company which has better reception in the area I live than my current one.

The car has been dropped off in for a service and it’s not as bad as what I thought it was going to be. There’s just some basic things, like a new ball bearing in one tyre, two new tyres, a windscreen wiper, new brake pads and I think that was about it. And I can book it in and pay for it later when I can afford it, which is good as none of it is absolutely urgent.


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