Stressful Morning

I was on my way to work this morning when my car decided to beep at me and tell me to check the engine. I had pulled over and couldn’t find the button to release the bonnet after popping it open. I then continued to work, where I was a few minutes late because of that and because I had to defrost my windows this morning. A nice builder had a look at the engine for me and couldn’t figure out why the car would tell me to check the engine. I think it was because it was so cold this morning. I then realized I had lost my phone. One of my co-workers said to go find it.

I had a look where I had pulled up and couldn’t see my phone (it’s black). I went home to see if it was there (it wasn’t). O booted up my laptop to use the Find My iPhone app while the other half looked in the car. My phone’s GPS said it was on the street I had pulled over on. I had gone back there and luckily found it. I am glad that I had Find My iPhone activated on my phone.

It’s a good thing no one had picked it up. The front screen is pretty cracked now (it was already cracked so I wasn’t too worried). The back screen has a little bit of a scratch in it. I’m glad that the phone is black and it was on the side of the road where it was dark coloured ground anyway. I can’t believe it had fallen out of my jumper pocket without me noticing.

I have bought a new phone off eBay. I was going to buy a new phone anyway as the one I have is wearing out battery wise. I hope the new phone comes in the mail soon.


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