Night Shift

Tonight will be the fifth night shift I’ve worked in a row. Getting sleep today wasn’t as bad as yesterday or the weekend. I had to help out with a venue before doing night shift so I’s be asleep by 7am in the morning, wake up a couple of times because the other half got up and left for work and then had to be at the venue by 4.30pm and work there till about 9pm or so when I would come home and shower before starting at 10pm. Yesterday was a little better but I had an appointment at 3.30pm and couldn’t nap later that night before work. I didn’t do so bad today. I woke up at 10.30am, went to an 11am appointment, came home by 11.30am and slept until about 5pm.

I hope I get enough sleep tomorrow. I don’t want to sleep all day and then struggle to get to sleep at night. I don’t think I would have too many issues with sleeping. It’s just the thought of coming off five lots of night shift and then having to go back to a normal sleeping pattern again.

Night shift hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been on with some pretty nice people and we’ve tried to make sure we’re alert for the whole eight hours. There’s been a bit of TV watching, reading books and puzzle doing as well as doing check and cleaning the dining area and the staff room. There’s no shortage of things to be done during night shift.


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