I’ve gone back to edit one of the stories that I’m writing and had finished the draft I had been working one. I’m going through it with a red pen (I really don’t know why I have red pens at the moment – I think they were leftover red pens from high school. I guess it’s good that there’s less than six of them). I guess I’m about halfway through the draft. I’m surprised at how good the writing is so far considering it’s only a draft and that I think my writing isn’t the greatest at the best of times. I think the last third isn’t going to be as good as the rest of it, but I’ll look at that when I get to it 🙂

Yes, I also have trusty Post-It notes too if I need to make a quick note or quick reference. They’re also quite handy alongside red pens when editing. Anyway, I should probably get back to editing it 🙂


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