The Tough Question for Writers

That is definitely another way to look at things when you’re writing or editing a manuscript 🙂



As an author I am constantly asking myself, Is this something I would read? And I think all authors ask that.

My wife once pushed me a step further and said, “It’s great that people will read it, but is it a book that they’ll recommend to their friends?”

THAT changes the game up a bit, doesn’t it?

Because if you think about it, you’re just one person. And if you’re trying to write a breakout book, you’ve got to ask yourself if your book is going to be talked about in work elevators or on little league bleachers.

So go ahead, ask those harder questions, because that’s one more thing that’s going to push you to write better.

You won’t find bologna sandwiches on my new Facebook author page, but you’ll find more pearls of wisdom. That, or just really cool stuff.

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