One Year Blogging Anniversary

This time last year I created this blog on What a journey I have been on. I have shared highs and lows from my life with readers. I have laughed and cried and giggled reading other people’s posts. I have met some amazing people online through this blog.

I can’t say how I have grown in the past year from this blog. Perhaps it is too early for me to see the effects it has had on me. I guess it had made me more reflective and more determined to change after reading posts written by other people who have or are going through similar experiences as me. I have learned a lot from other people’s experiences and situations that are different to the ones I have experienced. I am grateful for coming across these people’s blogs and am thankful for these people who are sharing their stories (at least one of them are doing it whilst keeping it secret from certain people because they want to promote awareness for violence).

I wonder what the next year will bring for me in the blogging world.


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