Artistic Consumption: How Much is Too Much?

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At the beginning of every school year I ask my classes to write a story. That’s it. Just give me a story about anything.

After which they must analyze said story for figurative language and elemental plot details. What I don’t ask for every year is the barrage of questions that immediately follow, pertaining to character, setting, theme, eye-color–can my main character be a warlock? Sure! Can mine be set on Mars? Why not? What about guns? Go bananas…

After about twenty minutes of this kind of thing I inevitably institute teacher law, which is pretty self-explanatory. I hit the lights, they work, I circulate and make sure everyone’s on task. But there’s always a lingering sense of distraction about the fact that they still have to create something from nothing.

I’m a teacher by day and a writer every other second, and from experience, attempts to instill some tinge of creativity in those used to having most…

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