Hump Day

Earlier today, I was thinking that I could finish reading some books that I’m currently reading (I have way too many books on my personal bookshelf to read – I think the number of yet-to-be-read books is around 80 – yes, I know that is a lot of books. I seem to be buying books quicker than what I can read them).

And then I was reading a lovely post about a woman who used to write her grandmother a letter once a week while she was battling dementia. That got me thinking of getting there and writing my grandfather another letter. This time, I was thinking of including some photos with it (and I have to remember to buy some bigger and sturdier envelopes for it as it has to be mailed to another state and I don’t want the photos to be damaged). I have to think about what photos to include with it. Probably mundane things like the car, P Plates, the house, me and/or Paul (I can always include older photos of us). I could even possibly include photos from birthdays and Christmas and anything else.

I hope he likes them and that it won’t take too long.


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