A Simple Smile

I went to a resident’s room to check up on them as they had buzzed for someone to come to their room. They require hearing aids as their hearing is limited, but I spoke to them anyway. I gave them a bright smile and a wave, which they responded to with a smile of their own. I used body language as well as talking to communicate with the resident. I got the sweetest thank you in response after tucking the resident back into bed.

Treating someone with kindness and a smile is so important in aged care. The trainer I had for my course was very big on treating people with respect and dignity and kindness. They are people. Just because they are in an aged care facility does not make them any less of a person and does not mean that they should be treated less than a person.

The smile and the thank you that I got back from this person was so good, especially since I wasn’t sure if they were all right having a new person working in the facility. It seems like they are warming up :).


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