The Second Day of Work

I am going to be as brief as possible when I’m blogging about my aged care course. As a PCA, I am obliged to uphold confidentiality of residents and adhere to the Privacy Act and all the other Acts associated with aged care. Part of my employee handbook also states I am not supposed to blog or post anything on social media about the company unless specifically said so by the company. I have to be as careful as possible with what I post as this could give them grounds to terminate their contract with me.

Other than that, I am doing all right. One of the residents was a bit restless and I think that they may have been trying to give me a bit of a hard time as I am a new staff member and one who hasn’t had a lot of experience in the industry. It is far more relaxing than where I did my placement and I’ll be able to grow and gain more experience and confidence due to it being a relaxing environment.


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