First Day of Work

Yesterday was the first day of work for me at the aged care facility. It was interesting and good. It was more relaxed than the place where I did my placement. There are more independent and low care people living there and not very many high care people there. The facility I did my placement at had more high care people there.

I’m on afternoon shift tomorrow so it’ll be good to find out more about the facility, the staff and the residents. Then it’s night shift for two nights next week and morning shift on the Monday after that. The only bummer is that I’ll be missing out on the Dawn Service on Saturday for ANZAC Day as it starts at around 6am and that’s when I finish. By the time I get into the middle of town, it would most likely be over. I’m a bit bummed about it as I’ve been going to the Dawn Service for the last three years and because it’s the 100th anniversary but I don’t feel comfortable asking someone else to cover the shift as it’s a night one and I’ve only just started there, But I’ll try to make it anyway as a friend of the other half’s is in the parade and because I know other people who are or have served in the defense forces.

I hope it all works out for me. It looks like a nice place and all the staff and residents seem pretty nice.


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