The Breakfast Club

In The Breakfast Club, the five detentionees are asked to write a thousand word essay on who they think they are. The movie starts off with Brian’s voice over saying the principle sees them how he wants to see them: a jock/athlete; a criminal; a princess; a brain and a nutcase. He then goes on to say that’s how they see themselves now.

“… and these children that you spit on, as they
try to change their worlds are immune to
your consultations. They’re quite aware of
what they’re going through …”
– David Bowie

They see themselves as people who don’t fit the labels that they’ve been assigned to. Underneath the images, they have their own fears and problems and dreams. By opening up about their problems and fears, they break down the image and label barriers, even if it was only for a day in detention at school. They realize that they’re not much different from each other. That they are more than the labels that are attached to them and everyone around them.

Labels are useless. You can’t squash someone into a box and say, ‘There, that’s who you are. That’s who you’re going to be for the rest of your life.’ Humans do not fit into one singular label or box. Our nature, personalities and experiences will not let us do so. There is more to being a person than just a label.

And kids are not stupid. Youth doesn’t make us stupid. Some of us are wise and mature for our age. Some of us are aware of what we’re going through, what others are going through and what is going on around us.

We as people should not be limited by labels. We should not be limited by what others think of us. We should not be limited by what we think of ourselves.


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