New Shoes

I bought new sneakers yesterday. Last proper sneakers I had was when I was in high school and I thought it would be better getting rid of them as they were a bit worn out and one of the in-soles were pretty much useless. A new pair for a new start is good. Besides, these ones look better than the last ones I had hahahaha.

A friend of mine and I was talking about how much weight we have put on since we were 18 (she’s about seven or eight months older than me). We weigh about the same, but she reckons she looks fat. I think it might be because I’m about two to four inches taller than what she is. I am by no means really skinny. I am still skinny even though I’ve put on about fifteen kilograms since I was eighteen. I think I’m just tall enough so it doesn’t look like I’m fat. My friend has had an excuse for putting on weight as she has been pregnant a child.And she used to be a lot skinnier than me. I think when we were 18, I was an Australian size 8-10 (which may be an American size 4-6) while she was an Australian size 6 (which is an American size 2 I think).

We both reckoned we should buy a pair of sneakers each and try and do some exercise to move some of the weight we’ve put on. We’re going to try and motivate each other to exercise more regularly but it might be easier since we both have jobs now that involve a lot of walking. We’re both not exactly happy that we’ve put weight on. I don’t think I’m as unhappy as she is since my weight gain hasn’t been all that noticeable.

Hopefully I can lose some weight and hopefully my friend does too. And I’ll have to try to maintain some sort of healthy eating.

And please forgive me for the photo. I took it on my phone as a quick snapshot to send to my friend so she could see the sneakers that I had gotten.


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