Freshly Employed

So it seems the other half is more excited that I have a job than I am. He keeps going around telling people that I have a job and I haven’t even started yet. I think he’s happy that I’ve gotten a job and that he can focus on his business more without having to get a job himself so we can have enough money to pay for everything. At least I’ll be able to help out more with bills and such now that I have a job. I’ve only really sent off the contract (I’m hoping that the head office has got it and that it didn’t get lost) and I’ve only really just organized orientation. Okay, not really just. I received the contract last Wednesday, which I sent off on Thursday and I called the manager on Thursday too but didn’t hear back from her until Friday.It takes about four days for post to get delivered to where it needs to go so it should be there by tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how fast it gets delivered.

I don’t actually start till Wednesday (which is the first orientation day and it’s from 6am-2pm and then next orientation day is Friday from 2pm-10pm). I’ve got the uniform ready. I hope it’s all right for the job. I got a short sleeved white button down shirt which could be on the looser side but it’s not too tight, just a bit snug. And I’ll be wearing a singlet underneath it as well so it doesn’t look so bad (there’s a reason why I don’t usually wear white and it’s not for the easily stained factor). And I’ll have to tie my hair up and I don’t like having my hair up because I think it makes my face look funny. Actually, I think I look funny with my hair tied back in general.

I’m a bit nervous as I don’t really know what to expect. It’s going to be different from the place where I did my placement. I have a friend who also works in aged care who has asked me questions about working there that I don’t know the answers to yet. It’s not like I could ask those questions in the interview – I didn’t even know if I’d get the job at that stage. I don’t have any experience besides from placement so it’s not like I’m able to ask those questions either. But I’ll find out on Wednesday what the go is and see about where and how I’ll be filling out my hours and if there is a uniform and how I would get said uniform. And finding out how to get into the place at 6 in the morning might help too, hahahaha.

I really do hope it goes well and that I get to stay on after the probation period.


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