Writing and Work In Progess

Earlier today, I was reading a post about the odds of people becoming successful authors (I reblogged the post here). Out of all the people who write books and want to become authors, only 5% become successful authors.

Yes, you read that right. Only 5% of the population become successful authors.

That doesn’t sound like a lot. Kristen Lamb went on to write that only 5% of people become authors because writing a novel is hard work – a lot of hard work. That’s not to mention finding a publisher or a literary agent or selling the books or doing anything else in regards to promotion and marketing.

That has got me thinking about whether or not I will be able to get a story that I’ve written published. Can I write thousands of words for a book per year? Will I even be able to finish writing a story, one where I am happy with how it is and believe that it’s good enough for other people to read? Will anything I write be good enough to sell itself?

I guess the only way to find out is actually sit down and write until I finish and polish up a good enough story,


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