This Blog is NOT about Me and I’m Grateful

I think my blog is more about my journey and the lessons I’ve learned as well 🙂

Beginning Life at 43

Maybe I’m getting better with titles, because I’m sure it caught someLaura 2 eyes. as yes, my blog is all about me and it isn’t.  I’m coming to the clarity that what I write, though all about me is the best way for me to get the messages out, and help those who need any guidance or advice or just something amusing to read. This blog is “My Journey.”  Its a pivotal realization. Through week of harsh lessons, opinions, and writing my first fictional story ever, (based on fact and really to say “I get it, and thank you for being in my life when you were” to a special man I had not nearly enough time with in a cheesy way he’d get), I can feel that I’m getting closer, and its only Thursday.

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