Exciting New Job Position

I cannot explain how excited I am to be starting a job in aged care (finally!).

I can’t wait to be able to meet all the people who are residents in the facility. I can’t wait to meet my new coworkers. I can’t wait to get to know all these people and find out about them and what kind of stories that may be also little gems. I’ve always thought that old people were wise (most of the time) and had experienced things that are no longer around anymore, like periods of war, the Great Depression and early technological advances. That’s not even including any other life experiences that they may have experienced,

It’s probably going to take ages for me to receive the contract and get that signed and have orientation and everything before I officially start working there. I spoke with another friend who is in the industry and told her that I had an interview at the facility and she said that was one of the better ones in the area.

I hope it all goes well and that I really, really enjoy it 🙂


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