Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be good at talking to people. I wonder if I can speak without being snappy or sounding angry or coming across as cold or uncaring. I wonder if I will ever realize how I am talking to people and be able to adjust it if I stood back and thought about it.

Others have spoken about faking it till they made it and how it helped them become more confident in their dealings with people. They have spoken about how it helped them learn to talk and deal with people better.

I don’t know if that would work well in my case. I have tried faking it till I make it and I feel like a fraud at times or wonder how I will ever hold up a friendly facade when dealing with stupid or annoying people. In fact, I’m continually amazed at how stupid and/or unobservant people are (e.g. asking for a pot of beer when there’s no beer taps and only beer in cans and stubbies (which are glass bottles) or asking if there is Eftpos available when there is a sign on the bar saying so or even asking if the place is open when the open sign is out, music is playing, lights are on and there are people there). People don’t like it when others treat them like they’re stupid even if they were being stupid. I have trouble to not be like ‘Seriously? Are you really that stupid?’ as that apparently isn’t a good look when you’re working in hospitality.

I often wonder if I am really cut out to be dealing with people.


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