“Shut up and listen” if you want to get ahead

And so it does

Natalie Smithson

With silence

“Shut up and listen to others talk” is a line from Stephen King’s non-fiction book, On Writing. Did you sit up and pay attention? I did. As a freelance writer I listen closely to what my clients want, which in turn is what their audience wants. If my client has paid close attention, and I do too, we’re onto a winner and the audience is listening — yet we can all be better. In regards to fiction, King’s advice is to listen closely to conversations going on around you, so that you can write believable dialect in your own stories. Listen, don’t talk. I think this advice can work in other ways too, in our professional work and in parenting. Ask your child to do an impression of Mummy or Daddy. The phrases you hear and the tone you witness is telling of your impact on them. Do you like what you hear or do…

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