Upended, Then Blended: A Stepkid’s Perspective

What a good post about stepparents and kids who have stepparents.

A Mindful Chatterbox

I find that a lot of the children I teach have the extra added burden of one parent speaking negatively about the other or asking incessant questions about a new partner.  Some (quite a few) become emotionally coerced into retaliatory behaviors trying to please one or the other parent.

I do not think anything is wrong with finding love the second or third or fourth or umpteenth time around, but (speaking as a former stepchild and current pseudo-stepparent), parents should be much more proactive in the way that they go about beginning relationships and ultimately allowing new adults into their children’s lives. It all could be a lot less traumatic if more parents looked at it from their child’s perspective.  So I’ve compiled a list of…shall we say guidelines for your consideration.

Talk to your child(ren) about the changes that are happening.  Kids understand a lot more than you think…

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