Blogging Research

There seems to be a lot of advice floating around about blogging and the best way to blog. It seems like everyone has an opinion on blogging and how to do it better.

But where does all this information leave us new or still amateur bloggers?

I have done some research on blogging through Google. I have read other blogs about their opinion on blogging (notably Jason over at HarsH ReaLiTy).

The most common things that have stood out to me about blogging are: develop your own writing and/or blogging style; interact with your readers; be honest; be yourself; and self-promote your blog to get it out there and to connect with more readers.

Sounds easy enough, right?

It involves a lot of work, like everything else. Practice makes perfect after all, as they say.

Another thing that I noticed was find something (or a list of things) that you are passionate about that you can use as topics to write blog posts. Write what you know as some writers have said.


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