Playing With Ideas

I was playing around with ideas in regards to me writing blog posts. A lot of my posts are either typed up on the WordPress website or typed up using the WordPress app on my phone or written out in longhand in a couple of different notebooks. I was looking at other different ways I could write up blog posts when I’m not connected to the internet or have access to my laptop and no internet.

I was looking at Windows Live Writer. I used it a few times as a young teenager when I had a blog as part of my hotmail account and I was using that to type up blog posts when I wasn’t connected to the internet. I’m hoping that it has since been deleted as I had to think about what I was blogging about ten years ago (I think a lot of it was rehashing what I saw in the news as I thought that was what blogging was about back in the day). I had another look at it and decided it wasn’t going work. It is far easier for me to log onto the WordPress website and blog from there or log into the app on my phone and use that.

Maybe I should just stick to writing posts in longhand on scrap paper or typing it up on WordPress or in a Word document.


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