Don’t Get Demotivated By Someone Who Doesn’t Understand.

Thoughts by Emilie

author and his typewriter

People think anyone can be a writer and that it’ll be easy. They don’t quite understand how much thought is put into each word. They think when we write something we have all 500+ words already thought up in our heads.

They don’t realize how much time is actually used to plan what we want to write. And once we do have something written we have to go over it, revise it; move a paragraph around; check for any errors. Writers often rewrite paragraphs more than once. It’s just part of writing, and it’s not something you can speed through.

For some it does come a bit easier, but they more than likely have been at it longer than those having a bit of a harder time. Just because someone is struggling in the beginning doesn’t mean by the end they’ll be nowhere. It’s not fair to judge someone that’s just starting…

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