Attention All Bloggers: Don’t LITERALLY Be a Couch Potato

Couch Potahto


Yeah, this statement goes directly against my blog’s identity, but today I just wanted to share something except my usual banter. We bloggers write for hours and hours, giving our brains a heck load of exercise but it doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to your physical health. No, I’m not one of those fitness freaks nor I’m going to lecture you, ’cause I myself can be quite a slouch at times. But I was going through my Reader, and I must say I am terrified by the frequency with which A Opinionated Man blogs.

A lot of you people are inspired by his blogging skills, and I know I am too. He is hilariously funny, charming, and his writing skills are nothing short of amazing. Competing with such a blogger seems like an infinitely challenging feat, but while in your pursuit to follow your passion of writing do NOT…

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