Loving the unloved.

Redemption Red

Hurting people hurt people. 

It’s a phrase I’ve had to tell myself until I am blue in the face. The fact is that we cannot control how people treat us. We can step back from these people to protect ourselves, but the initial offense is usually when we are blindsided.


He entered the van after school with a scowl on his face. He didn’t spill the beans as to what he did during his school day like usual. He is just tired, I told myself. He did stay up later last night.

” Everything ok buddy?”

” Yes I am just tired.”

The afternoon went on as I watched him disrespect me, and say ugly things to his sisters. This wasn’t like his normal behavior. I asked him several times if there was anything he wanted to talk about.

Nothing. On to soccer practice we went.

Trying to watch…

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