The Infinity Dreams Award


I’ve been nominated for this award by The Simple Beginner so thank you for the nomination 🙂

Rules for the award:

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

11 Interesting Facts About Me:

1. I prefer buying CDs over digital music because I like having hard copies of music and because I like looking at the CD artwork

2. Speaking of CDs, I have a long list of CDs that I have borrowed off friends and family to put onto my iTunes library that I need to buy so I have hard copies of them

3. I started a blog on just to see what it was like and ended up enjoying it so much that I have been blogging for ten months now (not long until the 1 year anniversary!)

4. I’ve been writing since I was a young child and feel a little strange if I don’t write something every now and then

5. I like reading books, the good ones, the average ones and the below average ones. This at least gives me some insight into what works and what doesn’t work

6. Even though I like reading and writing, I wasn’t the best English student in school as I wasn’t very good at writing formal essays

7. I like having things in an organized way but I also tend to be somewhat chaotic and messy as well

8. My favourite alcoholic drink is Jack Daniels

9. My favourite authors are Stephen King, J. K. Rowling and Roald Dahl

10. This is the second award that I have been nominated for on WordPress (as far as I’m aware)

11. I spell colourize with both a ‘u’ and ‘ize’ even though it can only be spelt as colourise or colorize


The Simple Beginner’s Questions For Me:

1. Which character from Harry Potter would you be and why? Hermione as I had identified with her the most as a child reading the Harry Potter series.

2. What would your dream wedding look like? One that involves both mine and my fiance’s tastes and one that is laid back and where we are surrounded by family and friends that matter.

3. What’s your dress sense/style? (E.g. girly, tomboy, monochrome, just brights) I dress in shorts or jeans with band shirts but I have been starting to wear dresses and skirts and more ‘girly’ shirts so I have no idea how to define it hahaha

4. What do you enjoy blogging about? Some of my life experiences, my opinions on some things, poetry and writing and whatever else I feel like blogging about hahaha

5. If you could put any ingredients on a pizza, what would they be? Creamy garlic prawn is my favourite at the moment 🙂

6. Where is home to you? Victoria, Australia

7. If you found $10 in a shopping centre, what would you do with it? See if I can see the person who dropped it

8. Which of these would you do: Sky dive, bungee jump or zip line? None. I’m not an adrenaline junkie hahaha I guess I could zip line over a short distance but I doubt it would happen hahaha

9. Have you been to any music festivals? Which ones? No, I haven’t although I have considered going to Soundwave if I have the money and if there are any good bands on the list at the time.

10. What did you do today? I did a bit of cleaning and cooking and planning on how I will rearrange someone’s kitchen pantry/cupboard


My Questions For You:

1. Favourite colour?

2. Favourite past time?

3. Favourite music?

4. Why did you start your blog?

5. What made you chose WordPress?

6. Favourite thing about blogging?

7. Where would you like to travel to?

8. What is your favourite place?

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

10. What do you to to relax?

11. Favourite food?

I Nominate:

Beginning Life at 43

Kiss Me Out of Desire


Michelle Joyce Bond



The Tiny Writer

Fannie Frankfurter

The Happy Typewriter




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