Thirty Lessons Learnt Before the Age of Thirty

Nine months ago, published an article called ‘Susie Moore shares 30 life lessons she learnt by age 30’ (click here to see the whole article). Susie Moore has made a few good points in her list. It’s definitely something that I need to work on and figure out.

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole article, here’s a recap:

1. It’s never about where you start

2. Take your dreams seriously

3. The best money you can spend is on travel experiences and time with family and friends

4. Live in the moment

5. Kindness counts above all else

6. Don’t let not doing something perfectly stop you from doing anything at all

7. We are highly adaptable beings

8. Always be de-cluttering

9. It’s OK to lose some friends along the way

10. Date with intention

11. Don’t listen too much to others when it comes to making decisions — including the opinion of your parents

12. Have confidence in your talents

13. Stop thinking happiness is anything but an external condition

14. Saving your money is essential!

15. How you speak about others is how you feel about yourself

16. Read like a maniac — biographies especially

17. Generosity matters

18. Live where you want to live

19. Forgive others no matter what they did to you

20. Nurture your closest friendships

21. Take care of your body

22. You don’t have to work for a boss you hate (for long)

23. Develop your talents

24. Time cures heartbreak

25. Be comfortable with yourself

26. You cannot please everyone, so please yourself

27. Know your strengths

28. Don’t let people intimidate you

29. Failure is not final

30. It’s OK to not follow a conventional path and to ditch the plan you had in mind


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