Guest Post – 50 Lessons My 20s Taught Me

I have to agree with most of this except the parts about drinking alcohol at 20 being illegal. Australia’s legal drinking age is 18 so most of us were illegally drinking as teenagers and getting our older friends to buy us alcohol so we had something to drink whilst hanging out with friends 😉


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2 responses to “Guest Post – 50 Lessons My 20s Taught Me

  • Inspiration Indulgence

    Thanks so much for reblogging my post! I really appreciate it so much 🙂 Wow, must be nice to have an early drinking age!!! But yes, everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE drinks before they are 21. The age used to be 18 when my parents were younger. I dont know why they raised it, it really didn’t do a whole lot.


    • mypersonallthing

      That’s okay! I think they had the age raised to 21 and then dropped it again back to 18 here in Australia. I think that happened just before my mother turned 18 but don’t quote me on it hahahaha drinking ages really don’t do much hahaha

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