A Bad Feeling Part 3

They finally found the cult. The person running it was sitting in jail. The cult was now being called the Pierre Coup. 

She sighed a breath of relief. Their source had given them the correct information. She hoped that the source was able to appear in court as a witness. She made sure that the source was under surveillance. She hoped nothing went wrong in the meantime. 

She had successfully done her job and made sure a perpetrator was put behind bars. She was going to make sure that’s where he was going to stay. 

And yet she still had a bad feeling that she couldn’t put her finger on. She raked her brain for a reason behind the feeling. 

She was so busy thinking that she didn’t hear the creak of the door or the sssnnnapp of the gun fired directly at her head. 

Little did she know that the Pierre Coup was going to take out revenge.


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