Things Are Slowly Getting Done

I’ve written some more pages on one of the stories I am currently writing (or am trying to write I should say). I am happy with the progress as I’ve written the pages without thinking too much and letting the words flow out onto the page. It’s good being able to write like that.

The next step after writing all of this is re-reading it and editing it – after giving it a rest for a little while so I can view it with fresh eyes.

I’m a little skeptical if I have good characters, a good storyline and that the characters, their motivations and the storyline are strong enough. I’m a little afraid that I may not have a strong enough book and that it’ll end up being an average book or worse – it’ll end up being a bad book.

If it ends up being a bad book, then it would mean that maybe, just maybe, I’m not as good a writer as I thought I was. That it would mean the characters and the storyline that I’ve spent so much time with aren’t very good. That the characters and the storyline are dull or shallow or not well-written or are filled with so many holes and leaks that they seem very see-through.

I just hope I can edit well so the story looks good and is a strong story.


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