Job Searching

I had an appointment with my employment consultant today. He was happy with the cover letter I had written up last week and we did some edits on my resume focusing on the aged care aspect. He seems happy with my progress and that I’m still doing stuff while I’m waiting for my aged care certificate to come in the mail (hopefully it won’t be too much longer).

He did recommend to apply for other non-aged care positions as well just in case I run out of aged care places to apply to. I still have to apply for seven jobs a fortnight to comply with social security requirements. I guess I could apply for non-aged care positions while I’m waiting for my aged care certificate to arrive. It gives me something to do in the meantime.

After doing the edits to my resume today, I can see how I can edit it again to suit other positions I am applying for.

It gets frustrating constantly editing resumes and cover letters and applying for jobs and not hearing back from people and not getting any interviews. How much more can I do to gain employment? What else could I do to make my resume and cover letter stand out so I can gain employment? How much longer is it going to be before I can get an interview and get the job?


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