Where did the time go? I didn’t recall being here for so long. I only intended to be for five, maybe ten minutes. But definitely not for nearly five hours.

I looked around. It was getting dark now. God, what time was it? I didn’t wear a watch. I felt around in my pockets looking for my mobile phone but I couldn’t find it. Did I leave at home? Did I leave it in the car? Where was the car?

I looked around again. I didn’t recognize anything around me. Where was I and how did I manage to get here? I was in some forest somewhere – there were thick trees surrounding me. I had only gone to visit the riverbank. I wanted to see the spot where it happened, where it had all gone wrong for a lot of people.

There was a track. I decided to follow it, wishing that I had a torch or my mobile phone on me. That would have made things easier. Mobile phones were called mobile phones for a reason.

I stumbled along the track. It seemed like I was going deeper and deeper into the forest. It was nearly pitch black now. There was barely any moonlight coming in through the tree leaves.

I heard all sorts of unimaginable noises which made me quicken my pace. I didn’t know what was out there in amongst the trees. What if it was some sort of monster coming after me because it was hungry?

Finally, I was able to find the outskirts of the forest. I was miles off from where I parked my car. I headed off in the direction it was in.

Little did I know it wasn’t the monsters in the forest that I should be afraid of. It was the human monsters, the ones that stalked you and raped and assaulted you before taking your life away from you.


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