I’m thinking that maybe I jump to conclusions too quickly or maybe it is too hard to judge people’s motivation and tone and whatnot over the internet through their words. I may have upset someone but on the other hand, they did creep me out a little and I did not know what their intention/motivation was.

It’s not the first time I used the written word and social media to get a point across. I used it not long after a so-called friend of mine decided not to be friends with me anymore and was saying that I did all these things which I never did. I (somewhat immaturely) wrote out a blog post on my old (and deactivated) MySpace account with a list of things that she did that contributed to our friendship no longer existing. Of course, being the person that she is, she denied it all and blamed me for being a bad friend (yet again).

But then again, I do seem to have the knack of upsetting people, whether it’s other the internet using words or face-to-face talking.

Maybe in future, I should make inquiries first before making assumptions and upsetting people.

It’s times like these that I wish I wasn’t so immature and so idiotic.


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